Hubbite for bloggers, influencers and celebrities

Grow your online fanbase by providing recommendations to a captive audience who want to follow in your footsteps.

What is Hubbite?

Hubbite is a mixture of Instagram and a traditional review site. Users follow people they want to see reviews from and those reviews show up in a users feed.

How can Hubbite benefit me as a blogger, influencer or celebrity?

  1. Become an actual influencer

    By recommending products, restaurants, services etc to your followers you will actually be influencing the products they buy, the places they go and the services they use. Whereas a post on Twitter and Instagram will unlikely be seen again within a day of being posted, if someone is close to a location you have recommended it will appear on their map. When a user searches for reviews for a particular place, product etc if you have reviewed it then your review will appear at the top of the page.

  2. Increase your earning ability

    People on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook use the sites as a way to waste time. On Hubbite users are actually looking for your opinions on what’s good and what’s not. A positive recommendation from you could bring in a lot of business for companies. Google can charge so much for advertising because people are actively looking for a particular product or service at that particular time. This is the same with Hubbite. More earning potential for companies means more earning potential for you as an influencer.

  3. Get new followers that aren’t following you on other sites

    There are many ways to be discovered on Hubbite. “You may want to follow” recommendations, “People you may know”, through reviews you have left, through the sharing of your reviews, through leaderboards and more. The potential to grow your followers is massive.

  4. Quick and easy to use

    • Find the product, service or place you want to review. This should appear straight away if you are at the place or takes seconds through the search feature
    • Swipe right or left to recommend or not
    • Add a picture if you wish (or skip this step completely)
    • Add some text or skip this step
    • And post

    We’ve designed the app so that it is incredibly quick to use. A review with no text can be published in under 30 seconds

How to make the best use of Hubbite?

The more followers you have on Hubbite, the more of an influencer you will be. Grow your followers by advertising your page to your followers on other social media sites. If you already have an audience on other sites it is likely they will follow you to Hubbite.

Make Hubbite a regular part of your daily life. Out for lunch then swipe right to recommend the restaurant. At a great bar, then swipe right to recommend it to your followers. As it is so quick to post a review, you can easily be an active member of the site. The more you post, the more likely you will be found and followed by others.

some good reviews. Interesting reviews are more likely to gain you more followers.